Physical therapy for grade I scoliosis

A.V. Tamozhanskaya, E.N. Myatyga, N. Honcharuk


 Objective: to develop and experimentally substantiate the method of physical therapy for girls 7-8 years of age with grade I scoliotic disease. Material and methods. In the experiment 22 girls of 7-8 years of age with the I degree of scoliotic disease took part, which were divided into two groups - experimental and control, each with 11 people. In the control group, medical gymnastics classes were conducted according to the traditional method in the pool, and in the main group - on the Evminov dispensary. Pedagogical and biomedical research was carried out for 3 months. At the beginning and at the end of the experiment, clinical methods were used (history taking, external examination, palpation); instrumental methods (pulsometry; arterial tonometry; study of the strength of the muscles of the back, abdominals, gluteus muscles, rhomboid muscles together with the front toothed muscles, spirometry, pneumotachometry); functional tests (hypoxic tests), as well as medical and pedagogical observations in the course of occupational therapy exercises and methods of mathematical statistics. Results. A program of physical therapy is presented, using a complex of non-drug effects, including therapeutic exercises (exercises on the Evminov dispensary for unloading the spinal column and strengthening the back muscles and abdominal muscles), massage and physiotherapy. It is shown that the use of therapeutic exercises on a tilted plane significantly contribute to strengthening the muscles that hold the spinal column in an upright position. Findings. The developed method of therapeutic gymnastics in combination with therapeutic massage and physiotherapy, for girls of primary school age with grade I of scoliotic disease, is adequate for solving the tasks of the rehabilitation process for children with initial degrees of scoliotic disease and can be recommended in a wide practice of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions.


physical therapy; scoliotic disease; Evminova profilaktor; technique; static stress

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