Multimedia technologies as a means of training athletes in student basketball

Zh.L. Kozina, I.N. Sobko, D.V. Safronov, L.V. Grin', D.O. Goptarev, V.S. Palamarchuk


Aim: to develop and experimentally substantiate the methodology of training basketball teams of higher educational institutions based on the use of tactical exercises. Material and methods. In this study, 23 basketball players of 18-23 years old were examined. The system of preparation of student basketball teams with an emphasis on the use of tactical exercises is developed to enhance the perception of elements of basketball tactics. Dynamic manuals were developed to provide direct visual-perceptions in the study and improvement of techniques and tactics of basketball. They reflected the basic details of techniques and tactics of basketball. For this purpose, methods of informational influence on the consciousness of the players were used. The Macromedia Flash MX 2004 program was used to create educational cartoons. Flash technology allows you to create an unlimited number of dynamic models. Results In the experimental group there is an increase in the expert assessment by 2.55 points as a result of the application of the experimental method (p <0.001). In the control group, the increase in the indicator of expert evaluation of the technique of running a throw with one hand from above is 0.58 points, which is likely at a lower level of significance compared with the experimental group (p <0,05). Average values of the increase in the number of interactions used in the game from the basketball players of the experimental group, ranged from 1.60 to 3.70 interactions. These changes are reliable at the highest level of significance (p <0.001). In the control group, such changes in the number of tactical interactions used during the game are unreliable (p> 0,05). Conclusion. The developed system is adequate for solving the tasks of the training process in female basketball players and can be recommended in the wide practice of basketball teams training in higher education institutions.


basketball; student; tactics; information technology; tactical exercises; expert evaluation


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